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Tuesday 26th May 2015

Y10 Effort preview

46 Y10 STUDENTS ACHIEVED 1st PLACE (No. 1 in the effort ranking) 5th collection

In Alphabetical Order: ABEL Tianna, ALLEN Thomas, BRAMBLEY Ciaran, BRIDDOCK Megan, CHALK Rosie, CONNELL Shania, DABBS Charlotte, DEAKIN Caitlin, DOWNS Thomas, ELLISON Bradley, ENGLISH Isobel, EVANS-WILKS David, GREEN Georgia, HALL Alex, HAMMOND Yasmine, HARPER Keara, HARRISON Ellie, HAYWOOD Hollie, HEPBURN Tala, HOWE Alice, HOWIS Sharni, HUNT Lucy, KINCAID Anna, KURT Sarah, LAU Edmund, MASON-SCOTHERN Millie, MORTON Grace, PARKIN Lucy, RASAB Usman, ROBINSON Charlotte, ROBSON Hannah, SIDDONS Callum, SIMPSON Isabella, SINGLETON Connor, SQUIRES Robyn, TAFT Jake, TAYLOR Harry, TIPPLE Olivia, TOPHAM Thomas, WHITTAKER Matthew, WHITWORTH Bethany, WILSON Paige, WINCH Alice, WOODCOCK Olivia, WOODWARD Claudia-Brooke, YUSUFI Hafsa.

Congratulations to all the students who have been consistently No.1 throughout Y10.

Well done everyone!

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