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Friday 19th June 2015

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42 Y8 STUDENTS ACHIEVED 1st PLACE (No. 1 in the effort ranking) 3rd collection.

In Alphabetical Order: ALBISTON Megan, ALLWOOD Emma, AZIZ Yasmin, BARTHOLOMEW Ellie, BOLTON Benjamin, CRITCHLEY Amy, DOUGHTY-PARKER Charlotte, ELLIOTT Robyn, FARMER Alicia, FLETCHER Molly, GOLD Tatum, HARVEY Charlotte, HILTON Hope, HOPE Laura, HUSSAIN Rayhan, INCLEY Rachel, JEFFERY Luca, MACKINTOSH Heather, MALIN Lucie, MORGAN Chloe, MOVAHEDI Shahdey, OAKES Ebony, O’BOYLE Jack, O’NEILL Lucy, PARKIN Annabelle, RAHIM Mohammad, READ Matthew, REDFERN Eden, ROBERTS Anna, RODDIS Rebecca, RUSSELL Lucie, SCATTERGOOD Christopher, SEYBOTH Jonathan, SMITH Cara, SMITH Thomas, TOMLINSON Leonie, TOPHAM William, TURNER Matthew, VAUGHAN Jessica, WALLBANK Grace, WHARTON Holly, WILCOX Luke.

Well done students!

A special congratulations goes to the Y8 students who have consistently reached number one for effort throughout all of the Y8 data collections

In Alphabetical Order:  BARTHOLOMEW Ellie, GOLD Tatum, HILTON Hope, INCLEY Rachel, MOVAHEDI Shahdey, O’NEILL Lucy, SCATTERGOOD Christopher, WALLBANK Grace


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