Assessment Information

Target Setting

In Years 7 and 8, and in year 9 for non-GCSE courses,  students are given targets for the end of the year, expressed in sub-grades.

In Years 10 and 11, and in Year 9 for GCSE subjects, students are given targets for the end of the course.

Students are given a likely target (where a high percentage of pupils are expected to achieve at least this grade) and an aspirational target which a significant number of past Wickersley students have succeeded in achieving.

Reporting to parents

Data collections take place three times a year for Years 7, 8 and 9, four times a year for Year 10, and five times for Year 11. Parents will receive a report on their child’s  * effort and  *attainment after each data collection.

Once a year the data is included in a full written report.

For Key Stage 3  subjects, we report current attainment in sub-grades, a grade comment, a projected year 11 grade and effort on a scale of Outstanding, Good, Coasting and Requires Improvement.

Current attainment is the grade at which a student is working over a sustained period of time. It is not the results of the latest test or piece of work, although this will form part of the judgement. The projected year 11 grade is the grade we feel a child will attain at the end of their GCSE course if they continue with the same degree of effort.

For GCSE and equivalent  courses, we report:

  • Predicted grade
  • Predicted coursework grade
  • Effort

The predicted grade is the grade the teacher believes a student will achieve at the end of the course if they continue to maintain current levels of effort, attendance and attainment, and this grade will factor in coursework and/or controlled assessment.

Changes to GCSEs

There have been a number of changes made to how GCSEs will be graded in the future. In order to inform parents of these changes the school has produced an information booklet which can be downloaded using the buttons below.

GCSE Changes Booklet Cover