Discipline and Behaviour

Ready to Learn at Wickersley – Student Behaviour and Discipline

Ready to Learn at all times

Good behaviour in school is all about being ready to learn and make the most of opportunities to develop and progress. We want students to be ready to learn from the moment they arrive at school every morning and uniform, equipment and punctuality are vitally important because they demonstrate that students are dressed for business, and in the right frame of mind to make the best use of their day. Behaviour Expectations are simple and apply to all students, all of the time.

Behaviour Expectations:

  • Be on time, equipped and correctly dressed.
  • Listen carefully and quietly to instructions.
  • Follow staff instructions straight away and without argument.
  • Respect others and never make fun of someone for having a go.
  • Respect the school environment.
  • Never bully another person – everyone has a right to feel safe and unthreatened at school.

Linked to our expectations for behaviour are the Wickersley Values, which are wider behaviours which we want to foster and encourage within the school community.


  • Regardless of sexuality, race, faith, gender or disability.
  • Accept and show kindness towards others who may differ from you in appearance, clothing, interests. Accept the quirks and eccentricities of others – people are all different and all equally valued in society

Uphold our high-challenge, low-fear environment

  • Never be afraid to have a go at something for fear of ridicule.
  • Never ridicule others for having a go.

Being a good citizen

  • Showing respect for your community and environment.
  • Showing kindness and consideration to people in the school and wider community.
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