Parenting Support

The following pages have been designed to help parents handle the growing demands the older child naturally brings. Unfortunately there are no magic solutions but hopefully you may be able to use some techniques. Click on the links below to view.

Support Documents

Surviving the Teenage Years – Parenting Workshop

As part of WSSC ongoing commitment to our parents and families we have designed a one off 2 hour parenting workshop. Dealing with common issues such as; influences on teen behaviour, managing behaviour and encouraging positive behaviour, we hope you find the sessions informative and enjoyable. NB the sessions are about children in the teen years in general and are not specific to any one circumstance. Individual issues should still be brought to school via existing pathways or if you would like to discuss a specific issue you are having at home please contact (Director of pastoral and parenting support) who would be happy to provide advice and support.


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Secret of Raising Happy, Capable Children based on the Danish way – Parenting Workshop

Denmark has been found to have the happiest people in the world this is partly due to their approach to parenting. This 2 hour workshop based on the Danish way of parenting discusses how parents can encourage their children to be independent, confident and ultimately happy.


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  • The event previously scheduled for Thursday 3oth November has now been cancelled.

IT for Parents/Guardians

As students are becoming more tech savvy, it can be very difficult to keep up and keep an eye on what your child is doing. Here at Wickersley we will be offering classes for parents/guardians in the uses of IT.

The sessions will be broken up into different sessions such as:- Gmail – where you will be taught how to set up your own E-mail, how teachers and students use Google Drive, and how you can use Google Drive with your child and keep a track on their homework and any classwork with the use of a facility called “share” that Google provides.

Other sessions will be:- Cyber Safety – Bullying on-line, use of Facebook, Instagram, twitter, mobile phones, dangers of websites – harmful with viruses Online Banking – dangers and what to look for and how to tell if it’s a secure website.

If you are interested or wanting more information please get in contact with Mr Hafeez (


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