School Uniform

Uniform Guidelines

Trousers should be plain black, smart tailored trousers, with no noticeable buckles, buttons, zips, studs, logos or badges. Leggings, jeans or canvas, combat style, harem style, tracksuit or jogging bottoms are not allowed.

Shirts should be plain white with a collar and buttons to allow the tie to be clipped correctly. Fitted, collared shirts are permitted.

Sweatshirt or Cardigan
Only items with the school badge, supplied by our official uniform suppliers are acceptable.

Black only, not too tight and approximately knee length.

Socks should be black.

No more than one small earring, sleeper or stud in each ear, one signet ring only. No other jewellery or forms of piercings are permitted.

Plain black leather and suitable for school. Plain black laces only. Pumps, canvas shoes, training shoes, sandals, boots and ballet type shoes are not allowed even if they are black. Black shoes with patterns, stripes or logos on them are not allowed.

Make-up should be discreet and minimal with no false eyelashes, false fingernails, bright or garish nail colours.

Extreme hairstyles and unnatural colours are not allowed. What constitutes “extreme” is at the discretion of senior staff. Shaven heads, carved, patterned, multi-coloured or unusually coloured hair will not be allowed.

Sixth Form
There is no formal uniform in the Sixth Form; Sixth Form students are asked to dress for work in a clean and sensible manner.

The wearing of a uniform indicates belonging to an organisation and a willingness to comply with the rules of that organisation, and also means that students are dressed for business and ready to learn.

Students who attend school out of uniform with no valid reason will be kept in isolation for the day. Students who repeatedly defy the school’s uniform rules may face exclusion.

Wickersley uniform rules are simple and non-negotiable:

Compulsory Uniform

Item Colour Logo
V-Neck Sweatshirt/Cardigan Bottle Green Yes
Clip-on Tie Bottle Green/Black/Gold Diagonal Stripe Yes
Reversible Rugby Shirt (Boys Only) Green/Gold Yes
PE T-shirt Bottle Green Yes
Hoodie (Girls Only) Black Yes
Shorts Honeycomb Black Yes


Our authorised distributors of Wickersley School & Sports College uniform, who work in close partnership with us are;

Pinders Schoolwear, 16 College Walk, Rotherham S60 1QB 

A-Print Ltd, 138 Morthen Road, Wickersley, Rotherham S66 1EA.

Ella Bella’s Uniform & Personalisation Boutique, Main Street, Bramley, Rotherham.

Visit their websites by clicking the buttons below.

For an additional payment there is also an option to have an initial and surname screen printed on the reverse of the black hoodie or the reverse green side of the rugby shirt.

A strict policy of FORENAME INITIAL and/or SURNAME ONLY (no nicknames) will be adhered to by our authorised distributors; no variation of this policy will be permitted.