Fine Art


A Level

Exam Board


Entry Requirements

A minimum of a 5 in another creative GCSE is required.

Why study this course?

This course enables students to confidently develop their skill level with a range of 2D materials, for example, printmaking, drawing, painting and mixed media. The course the students follow enables them to produce work conceptually and at a higher skill level. With no limit to scale or exploration of different materials, we offer tailored advice and critiques to suit individual needs and interests. Students develop a mature understanding of how a project conforms and how to carefully resource for their own projects. This then enables students to work independently and to create and realise their intentions in readiness for the next or higher level of study.

What does this qualification cover?

This qualification enables students to explore the Fine Art disciplines like drawing, painting, mixed media and printmaking. Students will experience the different disciplines throughout a range of workshop based projects linked to different themes. From this, students will go on to specialise in their chosen area whilst developing their personal portfolio.

What will I study?

Year 1

‘AS’ Component 1: Portfolio

The emphasis of this component will be on the development of understanding and skills using an appropriate range of materials, processes and techniques. Students will produce a collection of studies that exemplifies work carried out during the AS course. All students will complete a mini introductory project that will run for approximately 6 weeks. This project will enable students to explore a wide range of materials and techniques in order to enhance their skills and gain a clear understanding of the four Assessment Objectives. Students then develop a project that covers detailed and technical studies which in turn will develop into Abstract outcomes during workshop sessions. Y12 students will then independently choose a theme that will inform their coursework portfolio. Students will have regular tutorials and be taught techniques and processes to reflect their visual research and Artists response.

*Ideally, the ‘A’ Level course is run over two years, therefore students who are taking the two-year (‘A’ Level) route, will not be entered for AS and will be formally assessed by AQA at the end of the full two years.

Year 2

‘A’ Level Component 1: Personal Investigation 60%

Students will be required to conduct a personal investigation into an idea, concept, theme or theme supported by a 1000 to 3000 word essay. Students then create a portfolio of work in response to this covering all four Assessment Objectives and annotating the realisation process.

‘A’ Level Component 2: Externally Set Exam 40%

This component will be set by the Exam Board (AQA). You are required to complete supporting work that covers all four Assessment Objectives and you will complete a 15 hour controlled piece (final piece) under exam conditions.

How will I be assessed?

The Portfolio (worth 60%) and Exam (worth 40%) will be internally marked and then externally moderated.

Where can it lead?

The majority of our students go straight onto a course at university or to study Art at Foundation level. Most recently our students have progressed onto courses at universities like Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge. Job opportunities arise in many aspects of Art and Design, for example, Art Lecturer/teacher, Fine Artist, Exhibition Officer/Curator, Illustration, Design and Set Design are just a few.


Miss S Ashton

Course Leader

Ms J Bates – Faculty Leader

Miss M Parkinson

Miss L Matthews

Course Materials