A Level

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Entry Requirements

A separate grade 6 in Physics or combined science grade 76 with a grade 6 in Maths and a Grade 5 in English is required.

Why study this course?

A Level Physics will sustain and develop your enjoyment of, and interest in Physics. You will obtain knowledge of ways in which different areas of Physics relate to each other and develop an understanding of the link between theory and experiment. You will gain the ability to analyse, describe, explain and interpret phenomena, presenting ideas clearly and logically, using appropriate vocabulary and mathematical language.

What does this qualification cover?

A Level Physics builds on content and skills taught at GCSE. From mechanics and motion, to electricity, waves and even quantum physics.

Practical skills make up a large part of the course, and so practical work is integrated throughout all our teaching, in order to support and extend taught content.

What will I study?

Year 1

Module 1 – Development of Practical Skills

  • 1.1 Practical skills assessed in a written examination
  • 1.2 Practical skills assessed in the practical endorsement

Module 2 – Foundations of Physics

  • 2.1 Physical quantities and units
  • 2.2 Making measurements and analysing data
  • 2.3 Nature of quantities

Module 3 – Forces and Motion

  • 3.1 Motion
  • 3.2 Forces in action
  • 3.3 Work, energy and power
  • 3.4 Materials
  • 3.5 Momentum

Module 4 – Electrons, Waves, and Photons

  • 4.1 Charge and current
  • 4.2 Energy, power and resistance
  • 4.3 Electrical circuits
  • 4.4 Waves
  • 4.5 Quantum Physics

Year 2

Module 5 – Newtonian World and Astrophysics

  • 5.1 Thermal physics
  • 5.2 Circular motion
  • 5.3 Oscillations
  • 5.4 Gravitational fields
  • 5.5 Astrophysics and cosmology

Module 6 – Particles and Medical Physics

  • 6.1 Capacitors
  • 6.2 Electric fields
  • 6.3 Electromagnetism
  • 6.4 Nuclear and particle physics
  • 6.5 Medical imaging

How will I be assessed?

Year 1

Two 90 minute exams assessing all content and practical skills.
One is multiple choice/structured questions, the other is more extended response questions.

Year 2

Two 2hr 15min exams using structured questions, each assessing different parts of the content (modules 3-6) and practical skills (modules 1-2).
+ One 90 minute exam (Unified Physics), which uses more extended response questions to assess all content and practical skills.
+ Practical Endorsement for Physics – Pass/Fail which is teacher-assessed.

The Practical Endorsement for Physics is designed to better prepare students for practical work at University and beyond.

Students are required to maintain a neat and ordered lab book which cover a large range of apparatus and techniques.

Where can it lead?

Many students go on to a science-based degree. Other students have gone on to study engineering, law, business, ICT and into the Military.


Mr S Gascoigne

Course Leader

Mrs R Hayes – Faculty Leader

Mrs C Petrucci

Course Materials