Why study Classics?

Classics is the study of Ancient Greece and Rome. We look at ancient plays and texts as well as battles and changes in the way the world was ruled. Classics is a good option if you like Drama or English literature and gives you an opportunity to study some History from a completely different time and place.

Classics helps you to understand the literature and culture around which our entire lives are based. It is a chance to explore a period of history which was characterised by war, expansion and cultural excellence.

What skills will I need?

The GCSE will require source analysis and will teach you an ability to understand evidence that comes directly from the past. You will learn how to comment on ancient plays and relics and be able to form your thoughts into coherent arguments.

What happens in lessons?

In Classics lessons we analyse a lot of primary evidence. We read ancient plays and Epics thinking about the meaning of the words that were written 2500 years ago. There will be opportunities for independent research; you can put your slant on the ancient world.

How will I be assessed?

Each exam unit has a 1 hour long exam. The Controlled Assessment is written up in class and will be a 2000 word essay

What will I study?

Unit 1 Sophocles’ Antigone – Controlled Assessment
Unit 2 Rome – Exam
Unit 3 Homer’s Odyssey – Exam
Unit 4 Sparta – Exam