Health & Social Care

Why study Health and Social Care?

Do you have an interest in the health and social care needs of a diverse range of people?

Do you want to follow a course that will lead to job opportunities?

Do you enjoy working as part of a team?

Do you see yourself working in a health or social care related occupation such as a nurse, physiotherapist, paramedic, social worker, midwife, care assistant, teacher or any other health or social care profession? If so, then Health and Social Care is for you.

What will I study?

There are a variety of units to study in Health and Social Care, for example:

Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision – in which you look at local settings e.g. health centres, hospitals, hospices and nurseries, how they operate, the services they provide, how they meet needs and work with other services to provide care.

Understanding Personal Development and Relationships – in which you look at all areas of development, how we grow and develop through the life stages and what factors may affect personal development.

Promoting Health and Well-being – in which you look at health and how we can look after ourselves and maintain good health throughout our lives.

Safeguarding and Protecting Individuals – in which you look at first aid, infection control, abuse, recognising risks and how to reduce them.

What happens in lessons?

Health and Social Care lessons are varied. You may:

  • Work in groups to share ideas and compare information
  • Spend time researching and writing up controlled assessment
  • Visit relevant health and/or social care settings to collect primary research
  • Develop research and presentation skills
  • Use the internet and health promotion materials to devise health plans.
  • Carry out health promotion activities
  • Design and create resources to promote health
  • Use real life stories and situations to apply knowledge

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed through a combination of coursework or controlled assessments and exams.

What skills will I need?

Health and Social Care involves a lot of coursework, you will need:

  • An interest in health and social care related jobs
  • Good reading and extended writing skills
  • An excellent homework record
  • Good organisational skills
  • The confidence to go out in to the community and talk to people doing different jobs
  • The ability to find your own information
  • To be able to think for yourself
  • Study and revision skills for the examined unit

Contact Miss Cooke in S02 for more details.