Why study History?

‘Those who ignore their past are doomed to repeat its mistakes’.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this happens on a regular basis with the world as it is today!

By studying History you will find out how our world today has been shaped by the people and key events in the past.  It allows you to gain an understanding of the significance of certain events and teaches you valuable skills such as explanations, judgements and source analysis which can link to lots of other subjects, further qualifications and to careers.  That doesn’t just mean teaching – people who have studied History have gone on to do law, journalism, work in the police, social work and even government!

How will I be assessed?

There is a new GCSE History course starting in September 2016.  This involves two examinations and no coursework.  Both examinations will be completed at the end of Year 11.  Both exams are 1 hour 45 minutes long.

What happens in lessons?

During lessons you will investigate historical events using a variety of sources – textbooks, newspapers, cartoons, posters and film.  You will be encouraged to develop and form your own opinions regarding the historical events you are studying, but you will also be encouraged to challenge other viewpoints in a sensitive and constructive manner.

What will I study?

The GCSE content comprises the following elements spread across the two papers:

  • One Period study
  • One Thematic study
  • One wider world study
  • One British depth study including the historic environment

Paper 1:

Germany, 1890-1945: Democracy and dictatorship

Conflict and tension, 1894-1918

Paper 2:

Britain: Migration, empires and the people: c790 to the present day

Elizabethan England, c1568-1603

What skills will I need?

To achieve GCSE History you will need good skills in the following:

  • Understanding people, events and causes
  • Handling information from sources and separating facts from opinions, truth from lies
  • Communication skills both written and verbal
  • Developing or defending different argument

Contact Miss Jacob for more details:

Wickersley Sixth Form Induction Day: 5th & 6th July |Y6 Transition Information