Leisure and Tourism

Why study Leisure and Tourism?

By studying Leisure and Tourism you will learn about how and why different people spend their leisure time and plan their holidays. The course examines how people have their leisure and tourism needs catered for, both in Rotherham and around the world. You will also develop a range of practical skills that will help you in a future career, including excellent customer service, time management and preparing detailed, informative assignment portfolios.

The Leisure and Tourism GCSE will give you a good, practical vocational grounding in the leisure and tourism industries and give you an insight into many of the jobs you could enter. The Leisure and Tourism industry is the fastest growing in the world and this course introduces you to a huge range of potential jobs and careers. The Leisure and Tourism GCSE will also prepare you to do the course in Travel and Tourism that runs in the Sixth Form. Students who have done this in the past have gone on to work abroad, work in the aviation industry, enter a career in event management or study at university and follow a career as an air steward.

What skills will I need?

Leisure and Tourism will help you to develop a range of skills that will benefit you throughout the course and the world of work. These include:

  • Fieldwork – carrying out fieldwork on trips in the form of surveys at Alton Towers
  • Practical skills – showing you are able to deal with different customer types
  • Listening skills – listening to experts give their advice on trips
  • Literacy – developing exam answers and creating two coursework portfolios
  • Numeracy – producing maps and graphs for your coursework
  • Time management – you will learn to meet deadlines for your assignment portfolio

Contact Mrs Stewart, Mr Naldrett or Mrs Ibbotson for more details.

How will I be assessed?

  • 40% examination (1 hour long)
  • 60% assignment portfolio

What will I study?

There are two compulsory units of study;

  • The first one is called “The Leisure and Tourism Industry.” It looks at how people spend their leisure time and what influences their choice of holiday.
  • The second unit is called “Sales, Promotions and Operations” and helps you to understand how a business markets itself and makes sure that customers have a positive experience when they visit. The case studies used in this unit are Alton Towers and Centretainment in Sheffield.
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