Media Studies

What will I study?

GCSE Media Studies explores how the Media operates and considers their massive impact on all of our lives, in the past and today.  You will investigate a variety of Media: Television, Film, Newspapers, Websites, Magazines and Radio.

  • Representation:  How different Groups of people are represented in the Media:  Youth Culture, Men, Women, and Ethnic Groups etc.
  • Audience:  How does the Media target different audiences and why?
  • Industry:  How do different Media Industries work and make money? E.g. the Film Industry.  How was ‘Harry Potter’ made to be so popular and successful?
  • Media Language:  This will help you to write concisely and will help to improve your literacy skills.

What Skills Will I Need?

To achieve GCSE Media Studies you will need:

  • Good reading and writing skills.
  • The ability to explain your ideas clearly and concisely using different mediums – blogs, powerpoint presentations etc..
  • Problem solving skills – researching information, working as part of a team and making decisions about layout and presentation.
  • Some ICT skills are helpful, but you will be taught anything you do not know.
  • A willingness to learn how to use new technologies.

What will I do in Lessons?

GCSE Media Studies lessons are varied.  You may:

  • Analyse clips of film such as ‘Interstella’ and explore Magazine front covers, to see how Media Forms are put together.
  • Work in a group to create a new advertising campaign and to analyse advertising techniques on television
  • Use cameras to explore how the media construct messages.
  • Use secondary sources such as video and textbooks to help you understand how the media communicate.
  • Pitch a new product to an advertising company
  • Research audiences by designing questionnaires and interviewing focus groups.

Contact Ms G Hale, L Barnett or A Willert in FM1 for more details.

Why Study Media Studies?

GCSE Media Studies will help you to develop many useful skills such as:

Analysis – You’ll never be able to watch a film or an advert again without analysing it.

Communication and practical skills. You will work in groups and make ‘real’ products for ‘real’ audiences, e.g. a film trailer or a brand new magazine.

How will I Be Assessed?

GCSE Media Studies involves coursework and a final examination:

60% coursework written in controlled conditions – 3 written pieces about different Media, but you also get to do lots of practical activities, storyboarding, web design, and poster work.

A practical (make your own Film Trailer) and write a commentary on how you made it.

40% Examination (2 hours). You will know the subject area you are going to be tested on.  Past examples include: Action Film, Newspapers, Science Fiction, Local Radio, TV Advertising, TV Sitcom and The Quiz Show, Crime Drama, Music Press

THE TOPIC AREA FOR 2017 IS Television Gameshows.

Wickersley Sixth Form Induction Day: 5th & 6th July |Y6 Transition Information