Why study Photography GCSE?

Photography is a practical subject that teaches an understanding of how to compose an image, the use of a camera to create a visual representation of a topic along with the skills to evaluate and appreciate design.  This course will also develop skills in ICT, written analysis and digital manipulation.

What skills will I need?

  • Good presentation & language skills
  • Creativity
  • Sound ICT Skills
  • Enthusiasm for the subject

Also, consistently good effort in lessons and a positive attitude to improvement.  We aim to move you towards a higher level in Y10 and improve your grade considerably throughout Y11. It is important that you want to develop your skills to a high level.

You will be expected to work outside of lesson time, either at home or on the computer after school as good quality work takes time to complete. If you are committed to succeeding in the subject, this should not be a problem.

What happens in lessons?

Taught as a group as well as an individual, one to one mini-tutorials will guide you to a higher level of achievement. You will learn to work with different materials and techniques and develop projects within your portfolio. There are many high quality examples to help. This will be a creative and individual process.

How will I be assessed?

  • Portfolio of coursework. You will experiment, be creative and develop your skills. Your portfolio will include different projects in Y10. These projects will evidence all of the assessment objectives above so that you gain the full range of marks.
  • Coursework is worth 60% overall.
  •  There will also be an exam worth 40%. This is like a coursework project but is set by the exam board. It begins in January of Y11 and will be completed by March in Y11. Within this time frame you will spend 10 hours on a final piece over 2 days.

Contact Mr D.Inglis for more details.

What will I study?

Art photography, cultural / historical
Digital techniques through Photoshop
E-portfolio work through PowerPoint
Analysing work through written evaluation
Exploring ideas and photographic styles
Primary observation studies
Both colour and black & white photography


All Assignments will contain 4 Assessment Objectives:

  • Artists influence – how artists/photographers have represented the world.
  • Practical Experimentation- using a range of Photoshop/materials to show images and ideas.
  • Visual Research – using camera skills to take images, record and evaluate them.
  • Personal Development – putting together your ideas in a final piece of work.