Why study Sociology?

GCSE Sociology is a subject that will help you to explain the things that are happening around you. Sociology is the study of modern society and involves looking at changes that are happening in relation to a variety of issues that affect you e.g. family, education, crime, media etc.

Some of the issues we will deal with in sociology include:

  • Why has the divorce rate increased?
  • Why have girls overtaken boys in education?
  • Why do people commit crime?
  • Why do some social groups have poorer life experience than others?
  • What are the solutions to poverty in society?

If you enjoy subjects like History, Geography, RE, PSHE, then this is a subject that you will find interesting.

GCSE Sociology will help you to develop many useful skills such as:

  • Evaluating an argument – You will be presented with a variety of explanations for what is happening in society and you must learn to challenge and support these with evidence.
  • Interpretation of data – You will learn how to take relevant information from a variety of sociological sources, such as statistics, newspaper reports, case studies etc.

What skills will I need?

To achieve GCSE Sociology you will need:

  • Good reading skills
  • Good writing skills
  • The ability to explain your ideas clearly and concisely
  • An open mind and a willingness to listen to a range of viewpoints
  • An interest in current affairs would be helpful

What happens in lessons?

GCSE sociology lessons are varied.  You may:

  • Gather evidence to support or challenge an argument
  • Debate an issue
  • Plan an essay using a range of evidence
  • Work in groups to produce a presentation

What will I study?

During your 2 years studying sociology you will study each of the following topics:

Year 10 Unit 1 Year 11 Unit 2
Studying Society Crime and Deviance
Education Mass Media
Families Power
Social Inequality

How will I be assessed?

GCSE Sociology involves 2 examinations each lasting 1hr 30min to be taken at the end of Y11:

  • Unit 1
  • Unit 2
  • There is no coursework in this subject.

Contact Ms Hulme for more details.

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