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Izzy Crookes’ Proud Achievement – Wickersley Pledges

As part of Wickersley Pledges, our students have been given a bronze level task to “Write an article for the school website about an achievement you are proud of.”

Year 10 student, Izzy Crookes, said: “At the start of Year 10, a new student joined the year and our friendship group from China. Her English is limited so I took it upon myself to learn basic Chinese to help her feel more comfortable and welcome. She helps me with how to pronounce some words and I help her understand  the meanings of some English words too.

“After the first two days of school – at the weekend – my best friend and I invited her to come to Meadowhall with us to shop. Two weeks later our whole friendship group went to Meadowhall to shop and watch a film, and she seemed to enjoy it.

“I hope she feels more safe and welcome to our country and school.”

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Creative Arts

Y10 Devised Drama Performances

Students in Y10 Drama recently performed their devised drama pieces to an audience for Component 1 assessment. Each group devised their play from scratch, inspired by a

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