Long Term Plans

Half Term 1Half Term 2Half Term 3Half Term 4Half Term 5Half Term 6
Technical Skills – Actions
Technical Skills – Space
Technical Skills – Dynamics
Technical Skills – Relationships
Evolution of Dance – Lindy Hop
Evolution of Dance – Lindy Hop Choreography
Evolution of Dance – Rock ‘n’ Roll Input
Evolution of Dance – Rock ‘n’ Roll Choreography
Evolution of Dance – Disco Input
Evolution of Dance – Disco Choreography
Evolution of Dance – MC Hammer Input
Evolution of Dance – MC Hammer Choreography
Evolution of Dance – Michael Jackson Input
Evolution of Dance – Michael Jackson Choreography
Evolution of Dance -Filming
Hip hop – street/stand up dance
Hip hop – body popping
Hip hop – break dance
Hip hop project – intro to motifs
Hip hop project – continue with motifs
Hip hop project – development of solo
Hip hop project – rehearsal and filming
Contemporary workshop – use of spine
Contemporary workshop – suspension and release, swings
Contemporary workshop – floor work and falling
Contemporary workshop – contact
Contemporary project – teach A Linha Curva motifs
Contemporary project – analyse A Linha Curva
Contemporary project – plan presentation
Contemporary project – deliver presentations
Choreographic processes
Choreographic devices
Choreographic form
Motif Development
Choreography task
Site-sensitive project – intro to perform environs.
Site-sensitive project – choreographing
Site-sensitive project – filming and evaluation
Half Term 1Half Term 2Half Term 3Half Term 4Half Term 5Half Term 6
Hip Hop
Samba/ Capoeira
Dance style project
(TS) Actions – gesture, travel, stillness
(TS) Actions (turn & elevation)
Professional Works – Aural Setting
(TS) Dynamics
(TS) Space – direction, pathways, personal & general space
(TS) Space – levels, shape & size of movement
(TS) Space – floor and air patterns
(TS) Relationships – unison, mirroring
(TS) Relationships – canon, accumulation
(TS) Relationships – formations, lead and follow/ meet and part
Professional Works – Aural Setting
Physical Setting – performance environments and set
Physical Setting – Lighting
(TS) Relationships – interactions’ – over, under and around
(TS) Relationships – interactions’ – push & pull/action & reaction
Technical Skills – Lifts
Technical Skills – Transitions into and out of lifts
Physical Skills – Balance, control and strength
Physical Skills – Alignment, posture and extension
Dance for Camera
Safe practice in dance/rehearsal
Warm-up cool down injuries
Personal care, nutrition, health
General dance practice exam questions
Physical Skills – Mobility and stamina/endurance
Physical Skills – Co-ordination and isolation
Expressive Skills – Focus and facial expressions
Expressive skills – spatial awareness and sensitivity to others
Expressive skills – phrasing and musicality
Group performance task – bullying
Physical skills
Improving physical skills
Expressive skills
Improving expressive skills
Technical skills
Improving technical skills
Group performance task – bullying
Group performance – filming
Choreographic processes
Choreographic structure
Mental skills and attributes – performance
Mental skills and attributes – process
Improving mental skills
Skills exam questions
Choreographic processes
Motif development
Choreographic devices
Choreographic structure
Choreography Mock
Choreography Mock – filming
Choreography exam questions
Unit test – Section A
Making improvements based on the test
Half Term 1Half Term 2Half Term 3Half Term 4Half Term 5Half Term 6
Performance Skills Recap
Choreography Skills Recap
A Linha Curva Motifs
Recap – aural setting and costume
Recap – lighting and physical setting
A Linha Curva
Breathe Mock
Shift Mock
Shadows Motifs
A Linha Curva – exam Q’s
Shadows Motifs
Learn Scoop
Develop Scoop
Learn Flux
Develop Flux
Group Performance
Mock exams
Artificial Things
Group Performance
Artificial Things Motifs
Artificial Things
E of E
Recap Breathe
Recap Shift
E of E Motifs
Exam pieces
E of E
End of year tests
Half Term 1Half Term 2Half Term 3Half Term 4Half Term 5Half Term 6
Group performance
Group mock
Shadows Test
Choreography – Question input
Choreography – music and structure
Within Her Eyes
Within Her Eyes/Mock Exam
Set phrase – breathe
Making improvements /changes
E of E
Set phrase – shift
All pieces
E of E
Bringing it all together – examples
Command words
Theory – own work set phrases
Own work – choreography
Professional works motifs
Revision – Skills
Revision – Choreography
Revision – Diet/health
Revision – Warm up and cool down
Revision – Professional works