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Anti Bullying

At Wickersley, bullying is unacceptable and is not tolerated by students, staff, or the wider community. Never tolerate anyone who seeks to hurt you – either physically or emotionally.

Remember the problem is with them, not you!

If you feel you are being bullied, REACH OUT!

  • Don’t retaliate
  • Tell a member of staff
  • Surround yourself with friends
  • Be proud of who you are
  • Trust us to help you


If you are being bullied online:

  • Don’t reply, save the evidence, report and block, tell a member of staff.


If you are being bullied we will support you by: 

  • Self-esteem support through your Non-Teaching Heads of Year
  • Repairing relationships with people who are worrying you
  • Mindfulness support through the Student Support Team
  • Regular check-ins by the support team


If you demonstrate any behaviour that we consider bullying:

  • We will involve your parents/carers
  • We will look to modify your behaviour in a supportive environment
  • We may put in place serious consequences including suspension from school


Remember to speak up against bullying: 

  • Standing by silently, or laughing along, helps encourage bullying
  • Reach out and connect with students who look like they are left out
  • Speak up and report to a member of staff if you observe a fellow student being bullied or harmed


If you are being bullied, or if you witness it , report it to any member of staff. If you feel it is not getting dealt with then tell someone else.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

As well as having a team of adults to support students we also have a group of trained students as part of the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme. The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme raises awareness of bullying behaviour and supports schools and young people to tackle it across the UK and beyond. Our Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme has a strong peer-to-peer focus, with our facilitators giving young people the skills and confidence to become Ambassadors to tackle bullying in their schools long after the training has finished. Our anti-bullying work is recognised as world-class thanks to this sustainable and youth-led approach. These students are trained in spotting the signs of bullying, and act as points of contact for anyone requiring support. They are then able to alert the pastoral team of any concerns, so that they can be acted upon. In seeing these ambassadors show compassion and kindness to others, as well as an intolerance to bullying, we hope they will act as role models and other students are then more likely to admire this behaviour and incorporate it into their own interactions with their peers.

Useful Links

Diana Awards: Helpful Advice – A range of different resources for you to access if you feel you are being bullied or witnessing bullying:

Bullying hot topicsRead our Anti-Bullying 101, delve into hot topics affecting young people today, such as exam pressure and mental health, learn top tips for supporting others, and find details for loads of additional support services for young people.

Wickersley Wellbeing – A section of the website for you with lots of helpful information about what to do if you are struggling

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