Exam Information

Resit Dates:

31st October English Paper 1
1st NovemberMaths Paper 1
2nd NovemberEnglish Paper 2
3rd NovemberMaths Paper 2
7th NovemberMaths Paper 3
12th January 2023Results Day


Useful revision tips

All students should:

  • Plan to take breaks after thirty or forty-five minutes at most. Any longer and it is likely that nothing more will sink in. Take a short break in between sessions and have a glass of water or something similar to drink. Get up and walk around.
  • Plan revision in the evenings after school to allow for relaxation time
  • Plan to revise specific topics in each subject, not everything at once – planning time provided
  • Ensure that each session starts by tackling the most difficult bits.
  • Plan to cover each subject several times and revisit each one near to the exams.
  • Revising with the TV or radio on or with loud music is not a good idea.
  • Reading is not generally enough. Making brief notes in either words or pictures helps them to remember. They should by now, know which way works best for them.
  • Have all the books they need to hand so they don’t have to go off looking for information.


During the exam period

Try to ensure that:

  • You get a good night’s sleep before exams
  • You have all the equipment you need.
  • You know the start times of every exam that day.


Parents/Carers can help by:

  • Recognising how important these exams are and how much time they will need if they are to do as well as they can.
  • Not asking them to do too many chores or look after younger brothers and sisters.
  • Encouraging the rest of the family to help by not disturbing revision.
  • Securing a quiet place for study, where their work can be safely kept.
  • Encouraging relaxation time (the continuous study is not helpful.)
  • Praising hard work.
  • Emphasising the need for plenty of sleep.
  • Helping them to forget about each exam as it is finished.
  • Reminding them that it will be worth it and will soon be over!

Year 9 Revision Guides

We have developed a list of revision guides for each subject.  Please check with your subject teacher before buying.

No Longer a Student at the School?

Certificates for Year 11 and Year 13 leavers from 2021 are now available to collect from school.  Please note: All certificates must be signed for.

Wishing to collect certificates from 2019-2020 or earlier?

Please contact School on 01709 542147 or by e-mail at examoffice@wickersley.net to arrange collection. Certificates will be ready to collect from the Exams Office or Reception within 48 hours. Please bring ID with you or send a letter of authorisation with the person who is collecting on your behalf.

Please note: Certificates will not be issued to a 3rd party without your written permission (no text messages).

Replacement Exam Certificates

If you have lost your original certificates, you may apply for a certifying statement of results, which is an official copy of the final exam results held by the awarding exam bodies. It is accepted by universities, colleges and employers as verification of results.

Depending on which examinations you took, you may need to contact each exam board. Below are links to the main exam board websites which will give you the information required to obtain replacement certificates and/or confirmation of results.