Curriculum Content

Year 9

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Introduction to the brain and Sleep and Dreaming

Students will be introduced to the brain, and will then study Sleep and Dreaming, looking at theories of sleep, sleep disorders and understanding dreams

Sex and Gender

Students will study Sex and Gender, looking at the differences between them and theories of gender development

The development of personality

Students will study the development of personality, looking at theories of personality, personality disorders, and specifically their causes.

Year 10

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Research Methods

Students will gain an introduction to Research Methods, including the processes involve in designing studies and analysing any results obtained.


Students will begin to study human memory , including models of memory, why we forget and the reliability of eye witness testimony.


Students will begin to study Development too, including Early Brain Development, and Theories of Child Development


Students will study human Perception- looking specifically at depth cues, visual illusions and theories of human perception

Students will also spend this term revisiting previous units, in preparation for their mock exam

Brain and Neuropsychology

Students will be introduced to the Brain and Neuropsychology unit, which covers neurons and synapses, and the process of synaptic transmission. They progress to cover localisation and function of the brain, in addition to brain scanning.

Year 11

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Psychological Problems

Students will begin to study psychological problems, being introduced to mental health, the stigma attached to it, in addition to the incidence of mental illness, and cultural variations in diagnosis rates

They will then consider the effects of mental health problems, both on the individual and society as a whole

They will then progress to focus on 1 mental health condition- that of depression- focussing specifically on the causes and treatments, from both a biological and cognitive perspective

Social Influence

Students will simultaneously study the Social Influence unit- looking at conformity and obedience , in addition to deindividuation and crowd behaviour

Psychological Problems continued….

Continuing the Psychological Problems unit, students will progress to study addiction, specifically the causes and possible treatments.

They will also begin to study Language and Thought, looking at the differences between the 2 terms and theories of Language development. The final part of this unit will see students study Non Verbal Behaviour including animal behaviour.


This term will be dedicated to the structured revision of previous units.