Wickersley Extra

Taking part in extracurricular activities is a vital part of school life and at Wickersley, we offer a fantastic range of clubs to all students. These activities provide students with experiences they will remember in the future and also build invaluable life skills such as determination, resilience and confidence.  It’s also a great way to make new friends and work in teams.

As part of a team, you will be given the opportunity to represent the school at events and matches.  All our students are expected to show the same high standards out of school, as they do in school, both in behaviour and uniform. A lot of hard work goes into building great teams and regular participation and practice is expected in order to be selected for such events.

In order to enable all students to take part in extracurricular activities, we offer a full timetable of clubs across the week, including breaks and after school. 

Some football matches will also take place on Saturdays.

Here are just a few of the clubs you can take part in:

  • Football
  • Netball
  • Choir
  • Soul Band
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Badminton
  • Climbing
  • Music lessons
  • Athletics
  • Spanish 
  • Games club

Wickersley Extra Timetable

Name of ClubPlanned Day/TimeYear GroupStaff MemberRoom
ABRSM Graded TheoryDays TBCY11+Mr BocockMU2
All Years Girls FootballThursday Training & FixturesAllMr Hall/Mrs ThackeryGirls Sports Hall Changing Rooms
All Years GymnasticsMonday After SchoolAllYellow Gym
All Years NetballTuesday (Y7, Y8) Wednesday (Y9, Y10), Thursday (Y11, Sixth Form)AllMrs HustonGirls Sports Hall Changing Rooms
BadmintonWednesday After SchoolAllMr MoorhouseSports Hall
BalletWednesday After SchoolAllMrs TipperBlue Gym
BasketballTuesday After SchoolAllMr HustonSports Hall
Boys Hip HopThursday LunchtimeAllMr Huston
Chess ClubTuesday and Thursday Second BreakAllMr Plant
Christmas Cracker RehearsalsDays TBCAllMrs Mason/Mr BocockMU1
Climbing ClubTuesday After SchoolAllMr ReynoldsBlue Gym
Drama ClubTuesday After SchoolY7 & Y8Mr Hart & Mrs WattsDR3
Easter Parade RehearsalsSpring TermAllMr Bocock & Mrs MasonMusic Rooms
Girls RugbyFriday (Y7 & Y8 Sept - Oct. Y9 & Y10 Feb - April)Y7, Y8, Y9 and Y10 but at set times.Mrs GrahamSports Field
Into Film ClubTuesday after school. Once a month.Y7 & Y8.Mr Hart/Mr LancashireMU2/DR4
KS3 & 4 Trampolining ClubThursday After SchoolY7-Y11 SquadMiss GreenfieldBlue Gym
Music/Drama Extra Exam RehearsalsVarious Throughout the Year.Y10-Y13Creative Arts StaffVarious
Musical Theatre GroupFriday After SchoolAllMrs MasonMU1
Orchestra PracticeWednesday After SchoolAllMr BocockMU1
Robinson Crusoe Pantomime RehearsalsTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday After School (Sep-Dec)All (Already Cast)Mr Hart, Mrs Watts, Mr Lancashire, Mrs MasonDR1/Hall
Rugby PracticeThursday After SchoolAllMr ReynoldsSports Field
Science ClubWednesday After SchoolY7 & Y8Mr Allen (and various science staff)C4
Summer Musical RehearsalsSummer TermAllCreative Arts StaffMUI1/DR1/Hall
Table TennisThursday After SchoolAllMr Gill Sports Hall
Y7 & Y8 CheerWednesday After SchoolY7 & Y8Mrs AdamsYellow Gym
Y7 Boys FootballWednesday After School Training. Fixtures Any Day.Y7Mr HallBoys Sports Hall Changing Rooms
Y7 DanceTuesday After SchoolY7Mrs JacobMain Hall
Y7-Y13 Girls FootballThursday After School (Fixtures and Training).AllMr HallSports Field
Y8 DanceThursday After School.Y8Mrs GrahamF1
Y8 Boys FootballTuesday After SchoolY8Mr GillBoys Sports Hall Changing Rooms
Y9 DanceWednesday After SchoolY9F1
Y9 Boys FootballMonday After SchoolY9Mr HustonBoys Sports Hall Changing Rooms
Y9 NetballWednesday After SchoolY9Miss ThackeryNetball Courts
Y9 & Y10 CheerTuesday After SchoolY9 & Y10Miss ThackeryYellow Gym
Y10 DanceThursday After SchoolY10Mrs KingYellow Gym
Y10 Boys FootballTuesday After SchoolY10Mr MoorhouseSports Field
Y10 NetballWednesday After SchoolY10Mrs GrahamNetball Courts
Y11 Boys FootballWednesday After SchoolY11Mr RawlinSports Field
Y11-Y13 CheerFriday After SchoolY11 - Y13Mrs KingYellow Gym
Y11 - Y13 NetballThursday After SchoolY11- Y13Mrs HustonNetball Courts
Y11, Y12 & Y13 DanceTuesday After SchoolY11 - Y13Mrs AdamsF1
Band PracticeWednesday After SchoolAll Years
WicKids Musical Theatre ChoirFriday After SchoolAll Years