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Y7 CFP Awards

Y7 students celebrate achieving 13 or more CFP’s, perfect punctuality, and zero CFC’s between January and February 2022.

Madison Adams, Thomas Ainsworth, Aiman Aslam, Isabelle Bacon, Isaac Barnett, Amy Betts, Claudia Brown-Vasilescu, Maria Buchanan, Travis Cleary, Mia Easson, Tilly Edwards, Aaron Frost, Henry Gill, Dior Glossop, Bella Goodall, Sophie Griffiths, Isabelle Hair, Ruby Harker, Lexi-Mae Harrowell, Emily Hawkridge, Harry Heathcote, Ellen Henry, Nicole Hodgkinson, Noah Hurst, Ruby Kelly, Fearne Kiernan, Matthew Mangham, Freya Marshall, Hannah Mcclare, Ava Miall, Harry Nicola, Ruby O’Nion, Lucy Organ, Imogen Owen, Rebecca Pike, Ethan Potts, Mason Richardson, Callie Saddington, Taiba Shafiq, Lacey Smith, Aimee Staniforth, Ruby Thorpe, Millie Troop, Megan Venables, Freya Walker, Elucia Webb, Grace White, Alexander Wilson, Amber Woolfall.

Well done to everyone and a special mention goes to Claudia Brown-Vasilescu and Ethan Potts who achieved 25 CFPs.

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