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Personal Development Day – 6th July 2022

On Wednesday 6th July students in all year groups participated in a Trust wide Personal Development day.

Students learnt about the ways that they can develop themselves to prepare them for the ever changing world that we live in.

As part of the drop down sessions, Key Stage 3 pupils took part in a session delivered by Bob Kiddle who is accredited by Humanists UK.  Bob spoke about why he defines himself as a Humanist.  Students then completed a selection of activities in small groups to explore the ideas Bob has presented.  Bob was engaging and students were able to deepen their understanding of Humanism further by partaking in a Q&A session.

Each year group had a different key theme for their personal developments sessions:

  • Y6 participated in a session about the importance of the Wickersley Ways and how to apply them.
  • Y7 learned about the law and courts system.
  • Y8 took part in a ‘big debate’ arguing for or against questions based around equality and diversity.
  • Y9 completed an enterprise challenge where they learnt about different job roles and what they entailed and then had to create their own product which they presented to the rest of the class.
  • Y10 focussed on Careers and Post-16 opportunities with presentations delivered by HeppSY.
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