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Careers in the Curriculum

Over the past two weeks, students have taken part in careers in the curriculum during English lessons. Students have been encouraged to think about careers that are intrinsically linked to the skills taught in English lessons, such as lawyers, journalists, advertisers, climate campaigners and how different jobs use different styles of language.

Each element of the careers lessons links to an aspect of the English Way and represents the importance of students becoming subject specialists in order to take their place in the wider world.

Our Y7 students spent part of their lesson thinking about creative and descriptive writing in the poetry of Stormzy and Ed Sheeran. Students were asked to consider the effects of descriptive writing to an audience in the form of travel writing, taking on the role of a travel agent, and describing a holiday home.

Our Y8 students spent part of the lesson considering the importance of drafting and redrafting, and have considered their role of editors and communications experts, redrafting a job advert for a ‘happiness manager’ after exploring the redraft of a Tesco advert to contain inclusion, diversity, and the requirements of the hiring manager.

Our Y9 students spent part of their lesson considering the different jobs available in the legal sector, and how solicitors and barristers represent their clients. Students watched a mock trial and commented on the language used to effectively build a case.

Our Y10 students spent part of their lesson considering a career in journalism, publishing, and the media, creating interesting and impactful headlines for key events and news stories, using language to have an impact on their audience.

And finally, our Y11 students spent part of their lesson considering the different avenues open to them by studying English to a higher level, such as becoming a writer, journalist, civil servant, therapist, copywriter, senior executive, or teacher.

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Y7 Cricket Success!

Our Y7 boys cricket team were successful against Hymers College (Hull) in the Yorkshire cup quarter-finals this week! They will now face Leeds Grammar School

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