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British Science Week at WSSC

The British Science Week – Science Poster Competition – is blasting off on a journey through the fourth dimension! 🌌

The brief 📝

Design a mind-blowing poster that explores the fascinating science of TIME. Will you delve into the mysteries of black holes and time dilation? Perhaps you’ll envision the future of time travel or explore the lifecycles or lifespans of living things.

What about ‘time’ in the world, and beyond? How do we measure time – seconds, days, seasons, centuries? What about time in space?’

The winning posters from WSSC – Ava Wallace & Ruby Crooke. 

Our Year 9 students challenged themselves to create “Timekeeping Inventions” as part of British Science Week. Check out their creations below.

wssc-white (Small)
wssc-white (Small)

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