Overview of KS3

In Year 7 students follow a Performing Arts course which combines Drama and Music. Students will learn how Music can be incorporated into pieces of Drama looking at the use of musical and rhythmic soundscapes. They will develop their use of voice during our ‘Christmas Carol’ scheme of work and through choral speaking in ‘The Demon Headmaster’. Meet Me By The Steelmen will allow students to develop a recycled rhythms performance developing an understanding of rhythm, ostinato and structuring an ensemble performance. This will also provide the opportunity to develop the ability to notate or score their composition with the introduction of music theory.

In Year 8 students will develop their Musical skills even further looking at Performance, Composition and Appraisal. Students will have the opportunity to develop their own instrumental skills either on instruments they already play or through access to our keyboards, ukuleles, guitars, African Drums and percussion. Their vocal skills will be developed with singing embedded throughout the year. Students will develop their ensemble skills working on a variety of pieces as part of a band with work based around ‘Stomp’ and ‘Blues Music’. Musical Theory will be a focus on learning how to read music. They will also explore the history of Popular Music and Film Music with opportunities to appraise the works of famous composers and perform Music from these areas during lessons.

Overview of KS4

This 60% practical Music qualification will help you to:

Further information about the syllabus specifications can be found on the Eduqas Website.


How will I be assessed?

GCSE Music develops 3 main areas

Component 1 Performing 30% Minimum of two performances with at least 1 minute of ensemble
Component 2 Composing 30% Two compositions; one free and one to a set brief
Component 3 Appraising 40% 1hr 15 min listening and written exam


What will I study?

There are four areas of study which will develop your understanding of Music and will be used to approach all three Components:

Area of Study 1 – Musical Forms and Devices

Area of Study 2 – Music for Ensemble

Area of Study 3 – Music for Film

Area of Study 4 – Popular Music


What happens in lessons?

GCSE Music lessons are varied. You will:

Curriculum Intent

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