Overview of KS4

GCSE Psychology is assessed through 2 written exams; Paper 1 and Paper 2. Each paper is 1 hour and 45 minutes and worth 100 marks. Each paper is split in to 4 sections, which correspond to 4 topics. There will be 25 marks for each topic, with a choice of multiple choice, short and extended responses.


Paper 1 topics are Memory, Perception, Development and Research Methods.

Paper 2 topics are Social Influence, Language and thought, The Brain and Neuropsychology and Psychological Problems.


Note that Research Methods can be tested in both papers, and that 10% of the content will require the student to make calculations.


Grade Ladders

Grade ladders show the skills/content that a pupil is required to demonstrate to reach each particular grade. These can be used by pupils and parents in targeting what they need to do to make progress in each subject.


Curriculum Intent

Please be aware these documents are only draft versions.


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