Why study Drama?

In GCSE Drama you will play many parts in different imaginary situations and will have the opportunity to create your own work as well as look at plays written by other people. Drama is an ideal course if you want to study a subject that is both practical and creative.

You may have done some acting before or helped out backstage on a production. You will enjoy this course if you enjoy working as part of a team as Drama involves a lot of group work.

How will I be assessed?

GCSE Drama involves coursework and two final examinations:

40% Coursework (Y10) – You will work in a small group to share your ideas and create your own original piece of theatre. It may be based on the work of a drama practitioner or a specific theatre style. You will complete a portfolio of process evidence and an evaluation of the practical work focusing on your rehearsal process and the actual performance.

60% Examination (Y11).  Your first exam will be a scripted drama performance to an examiner. You will have your own character and will learn the words before performing in costume to an audience. Previous exam plays have included BouncersWhat’s for Pudding?The Hound of the Baskervilles and Stags and Hens.

The second exam is a written paper where you will write about your ideas for staging a performance of a script which we will study in class

What will I study?

  • You will investigate a variety of Drama techniques, playscripts and theatrical styles.
  • Learn about how playwrights and practitioners communicate with an audience and make an impact.
  • Develop your self-awareness and communication skills through extensive group work.
  • Learn how to use a range of drama techniques in order to present effective practical work.
  • Take a trip to London to see a West End play.

Contact Mr A Hart in DR1 for more details.

What happens in lessons?

GCSE Drama lessons are varied.  You may:

  • Improvise original drama in groups or pairs.
  • Assume roles in scripted plays and act out scenes.
  • Read scripts and use the internet to research playwrights.
  • Devise your own drama presentations based on stimulus material such as newspaper reports, stories, songs and script extracts.

What skills will I need?

To achieve in GCSE Drama you will need:

  • Good acting skills and ideas about how to create characters and scenes.
  • Competent reading skills and the confidence to present your work.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively in groups.
  • An interest in drama in a wider sense, including theatre, film and television.
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