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Wickersley Pledges – ‘We work hard’ at KS4

A few weeks ago, students at KS4 were set the Wickersley Pledges task of writing about an achievement they are proud of. This was to support student understanding of working hard and to recognise their achievements.

We want to share this honest reflection from Alex McNally in Year 10 about a recent achievement he is proud of.

Well done Alex, we are so proud of you.

An achievement I am proud of is coming back to school and being confident with my answers. In year 9 I wouldn’t answer as many questions as I possibly could have, simply because I wasn’t confident enough to answer and think I got the question wrong. Now that I’m in year 10 I feel like I’ve developed the mindset of “I’m not going to get everything right, and that’s okay,” and I feel like I am proud of this because I am more able to learn from my mistakes simply because I have more confidence.

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