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Wickersely Pledges – ‘We get involved’

As part of Wickersley Pledges, students across all key stages are set the challenge to ‘get involved’ consistently in extracurricular activities and to try new opportunities.

In the last few weeks, Eve Robson in Year 9 took on this challenge to try a new opportunity when she took herself out of her comfort zone and attended the girl’s rugby extra-curricular session with Rotherham Titans. Eve threw herself into the sport (literally) and will be taking part in more rugby sessions in the future. Further to this, Eve has reflected on the importance of taking this opportunity to try something new. Subsequently, Eve will continue to try new things and will be taking part in activities and sports such as the climbing extra-curricular club hosted at Wickersley school as part of Wickersley Extra.

Well done Eve for stepping out of your comfort zone and for getting involved!

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Year 7

RE Superstars!

Jhenelle and Will in Year 7 have made an excellent start to thier RE lessons by completing tasks from the homework map already.  Well done!

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