‘We Support Others’ – Jacob and Ashton Crofts

As part of Wickersley Pledges, we would like to share an exceptional example of ‘acts of kindness’ becoming wonderful habits for now and the future. Jacob and Ashton Crofts demonstrate kindness at home, in the community and at school. It could be said that the boys take this action without thinking about it as completing […]

Izzy Crookes’ Proud Achievement – Wickersley Pledges

As part of Wickersley Pledges, our students have been given a bronze level task to “Write an article for the school website about an achievement you are proud of.” Year 10 student, Izzy Crookes, said: “At the start of Year 10, a new student joined the year and our friendship group from China. Her English is […]

Wickersley Pledges – ‘We work hard’ at KS4

A few weeks ago, students at KS4 were set the Wickersley Pledges task of writing about an achievement they are proud of. This was to support student understanding of working hard and to recognise their achievements. We want to share this honest reflection from Alex McNally in Year 10 about a recent achievement he is […]