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Wickersley Sixth Form Applications Now Open!

Year 6 Transition information

We would like to extend a warm welcome to your child as they move towards becoming a student at Wickersley School and Sports College. We know it is a big step into the wider world and we look forward to working together in the years ahead to ensure that your child achieves success and develops as an individual.

This page will include updates of useful information helping you to get to know Wickersley.

Important Dates 2023/24

Thursday 28th September (5pm-7pm) – Year 6 Open Evening

Rollover Information

All Y6 students must arrive at normal school time during the transition period – registration starts at 8.45am.

School uniform must be worn.

Virtual School Tour

One of the early challenges Y6s face when making the transition to comprehensive school is finding their way around what is usually a much bigger campus than they are used to. To try and help prepare for this we have created a virtual tour of the school. Please take the time to watch the video to try and help your child familiarise themselves with what is going to be their new school environment.

Useful Information

These booklets have been designed to provide you with all the information you need to know when joining Wickersley.

Information Videos

Each week, we are going to create a video with lots of information for you about life here at Wickersley.

We will be telling you all about things like what food you can buy at school and how you pay for it and answering some of your questions!

Check them out below:

Activities and Tasks

Gain an insight into what sort of work you will be doing when you start Y7. Each subject at Wickersley has provided a taster activity for Y6s to have a go at.

Scientific Calculator

We know how often students come up to Wickersley having bought a ‘scientific calculator’ but not necessarily the most useful one or the one that is strongly recommended for them to use in their GCSEs and hence have to spend further money on another one/the correct one in the future.

Here are three calculators we would recommend. However,  if you want to wait until your child has arrived at Wickersley and spoken to their Maths teacher to confirm the calculator they intend to purchase is the right one, this is absolutely fine.


Casio FX83GT – FX-83GT Scientific Calculator

This has now been discontinued, but if you already have this one it is absolutely fine still to use.

Casio fx-83GTX Scientific Calculator

This is readily available to purchase online/in-store right away.

Casio Scientific Calculator FX85GTXSUT

This is the same as the second calculator but it has solar power so you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries.

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